The Card Shark Show


This show has now closed.

Master magician and card manipulator Steve Truglia will dazzle you with a mind-boggling array of classic card tricks, cheats and scams. This is a unique and interactive multimedia show, with film, images, music and live camera action bringing close-up magic up close wherever you're seated.

Discover how sleight of hand techniques honed by hardened gamblers influenced modern card magic through the ages; from the Middle Ages through the Wild West to the gangster era of the early 20th century. 

What The Papers Say
"Truglia explains the evolution of cardistry from the toolbox of the gambling cheat to the close-up table of the magician" - GQ Magazine
"Enthralling and intriguing, his sleight of hand is clean as a whistle" - The Sat
"Fascinating" - The Guardian

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